A trio that breathes together from the slightest to the fullest whisper.
A voice, that of Irene Scarpato, frontwoman of the group,
a vocal and scenic body that releases a variety of timbres as bewitching as essential.
A guitar, played in many different styles:
from the “posteggia”‘s ripped to the Van Wood’s stoppato.
A mandolin and a mandoloncello, always on the move,
costantly looking for a sensual touch, as virtuosic as it is expressive,
An ensemble made of three instruments dialoguing and humoring each other,
running in countertempo through a sought-after repertoire of genres:
from serenata to “tear-jerking” song,
from macchietta to unpublished composition.

Paquale Scialò – Musicologist

“The trio master a proficient and sophisticated attitude, integrating philology and contemporaneity with folk  and classical sensibilities, and conveying an intimate conspiring sound, while proposing a wide-ranging repertoire, incuding a few overlooked songs”  
Ciro De Rosa – SONGLINES – UK

“It seems to be in a distant era, yet current, vibrant, melodious, harmonious”
Michele Neri – Vinile – Italia

“Hoy nos visita el trío napolitano Sueno D’Ajere con canciones de su álbum “Suspiro”, una muestra extraordinaria de su empeño por rescatar las raíces de la música de su tierra, de recuperar su esencia” 
Santi Alcanda – Radio 3 Espana


“The arrangements fit like a glove to the dark silky voice of Irene Scarpato, a truly great interpreter of this repertoire so rich in tradition”  
Mirjam Jessa -ORF 01 – Austria

The Neapolitan song
is not a museum relic
It is not a body without oxygen to be mummified.
Its scores, its scripts, it is no scroll
to be sanctified but testament to be celebrate.

Gianni Valentino – Repubblica