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Suonno D’ Ajere (dream of yesterday) takes its first steps in the city’s concert festivals. In 2017 the trio performed at the 74th edition of the Venice Biennial at the “Dal Verme” theater in Milan taking part in the presentation of the Volume “History of Neapolitan Song,” written by the musicologist Pasquale Scialò. In 2018 Suonno plays as guest in the theater show “Dignità Autonome di Prostituzione” and at the historic “Festival of Naples”, as well as winning first prize at the festival “SanremoCantaNapoli with the unreleased “Suspiro”. Moreover, its performance in the memorial “Je sto vicino a te – 64” in memory of Pino Daniele at the Palapartenope and won the standing ovation from audience.
In 2019 the trio won the Folkest-Alberto Cesa Award, the “Bianca D’Aponte International” Award, the international jury’s mention and the prize for best interpretation at the Andrea Parodi Award. In the following years after its debut album “Suspiro,” the trio performed in several major concert festivals in Italy and abroad, including Treibhaus in Innsbruck, Slovensky Rozhlas – Bratislava, Quarrata folk festival Toscana,Italy, Mare e Miniere, Sardegna Italy, Musicastrada, Toscana Italy, Bamberger Amthof – Feldkirchen Austria, Festival Glatt&Verkehrt – Mautern an der Donau, Austria, Vienna Konzerthaus, Sunfest (Canada), Lincoln Center (New York City), Eargail Festival (Ireland) among others.

gian marco libeccio

He began studying guitar at the age of 10, improving over time with Maestros Anna Viscione, Pasquale Capobianco, Mario Sellitto, Gianni Martini, Piero Spinelli and Corrado Paonessa. At 23, he began the study of “live performing” with Maestro Valerio Silvestro. In 2014 he graduated with 110 cum laude in Jazz Music (master degree in arranging and composition) from Conservatory of Music “San Pietro a Majella” in Naples, studying with Maestros Pietro Condorelli and Marco Sannini. In 2009 he founded the band JFK & La Sua Bella Bionda, with which he performed in important Italian festivals, releasing the album “Le Conseguenze dell’Umore” in 2013 on the PoloSud Records label. In 2014 he participates in Tuscia Jazz attending the guitar course taught by Peter Bernstein. In 2015 he founded the band Xhu, which takes its cue from the Cerchi Collective conceived by Alessandro Capasso. Since 2019 he has been collaborating with actor Fiorenzo Madonna with whom he has staged in various theater festivals a re-adaptation of “The White Nights” by Fedor Dostoevsky for actor and guitar.

A graduate in Jazz Music of the Conservatory of Naples San Pietro a Majella, she has previously deepened the study of vocal technique with teachers of opera and modern singing. She participated as a student in jazz performance training with M°Valerio Silvestro. In 2014 her first album, “Stanza 223,” was released with the band Titoli di Coda, which immediately received critical acclaim and numerous awards, including the S.I.A.E. award at “Senza Etichetta,” the Bruno Lauzi Award, with the song “Se ci fosse l’amore” of which she is the author, and the Biella Festival award. In 2017 she participated in the live auditions of Musicultura, won the critics’ prize for best lyrics at the Bologna Musica D’Autore. She participated in the Venice Biennale 2017 by lending her voice for the film “La Chimera” and with the song “Senza fa rummore” written by Maldestro for the soundtrack of the Film “Veleno” by Diego Olivares. In 2018 he won the Fausto Mesolella Critics’ Award and a mention for best music at the Bianca D’aponte Award. In the same year she also won the Sanremo Canta Napoli Festival with the project “Suonno D’Ajere”.She is in the cast of Dignità Autonome di Prostituzione 2018 and 2019 by Luciano Melchionna. In 2019 she released the Neapolitan language album “Suspiro.” With the project Suonno D’Ajere she wins the “Folkest 2019 Award,” the Bianca D’Aponte International, the Mention of the International Jury and the Best Interpretation Award in Cagliari at the Andrea Parodi Prize

irene scarpato
He graduated from the conservatory of Naples San Pietro a Majella with top marks in 2013, perfecting in 2016 with a master’s degree in mandolin (110 cum laude). He collaborated from 2012 to 2017 with the production “Musicaetcetera” as a member of three projects: “Classica Pizzicata”(international festivals in France, Estonia, Malta): “NeapolisEnsemblè” (France, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Finland); “Napoli Continente” with the artistic direction of M° Antonello Paliotti (France, Malta, Belgium). Since 2013 he has been a member of the plectrum quartet “MelisMandolin quartet”, with which he performs in important festivals such as Jeux d’art International Festival Villa d’Este, Tivoli Italy, the 44th edition of the Festival del Plectro de la Rioja (Spain), Lunel Festival 2014 in France. He is currently part of the cast of the show conceived by Mario Tronco “Così fan tutte” (revisiting Mozart’s opera) not only as a musician on stage, but also as an arranger. In 2020 he began an artistic collaboration with the Viennese band “The Erlkings”; he released an album with them dedicated to Beethoven and performed at festivals in Austria, Germany and Holland.